What Puzzle Are You Facing?

I recently watched a Darren Daily where Darren Hardy talked about life being like a puzzle. His wife loves puzzles. Him. Not so much.

It reminds me of visiting my friend Katie. Katie is one of my mastermind partners. She always has a puzzle in the works. We spend time putting it together each time I visit. I’ve never been a puzzle person. I do have fun doing it when I visit, though. And I really appreciate our masterminding puzzle solving time too.

Back to the Darren Hardy story. Even though he didn’t like doing puzzles, watching his wife in the process caused Darren to discover just how life is like a puzzle.

Let’s look at how putting a jigsaw puzzle together corresponds to life…

Vibrant Living Tip

When we first open the box and dump out the pieces, the puzzle seems daunting, overwhelming. There are jumbled pieces all over. Some showing a part of the puzzle. Some the blank cardboard. Where in your life do you see jumbled up, disconnected pieces?

Without a clear picture of end product, you have no idea what you are creating and how to go about proceeding. Where do you need to clarity? A clear picture of something you want to put together (your vision)?

The puzzle picture (your vision) has to be interesting. There has to be a reason to do it. A desire for something new you want to create.

Now let’s look at the steps in the completion process –

  1. Build the border first. Boundaries create order and a sense of security. To give you the framework to operate within. So, you know what is yours to do in a way.
  2. You can only work on one piece at a time. Too often we try to do too many things at once and end up doing nothing. Or do things halfhearted. We can do anything. Not everything.
  3. Don’t force a fit. You think certain pieces should go together. You want them to go together. If you continue to force, it could ruin the entire puzzle. This is true with life. It doesn’t always look like you expect it to look.
  4. Sometimes you have to take a different perspective. Get up and look at it from a different angle. Walk around the table and see it from a different view. It creates a clearer perspective on the big picture. The same is true with your vision.
  5. You’re going to want to quit. Sometimes things happen quickly. Other times it seems like nothing is happening. You just can’t find the one piece you need. Continue anyway.
  6. The joy is in the journey, not the finish line. It’s who you become in the process.

What step are you in, in the puzzle called life?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Life is like a puzzle. Do you know the steps to take to create a vibrant, fun, fulfilling, extraordinary life of your dreams?

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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