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What Are You Letting Inside Of You?

By Lynn | Feb 27, 2020 |

This quote is same with words. All of us carry around a set of thoughts, words we think, about who we are and what we are capable of. Now it is those thought habits that drive our actions, which ultimately determine our life. When we bring a greater level of awareness to our thoughts, we…

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How Are You Spending Your Creative Years?

By Lynn | Feb 6, 2020 |

As you read this, I will be putting the final touches on my preparation for my next vacation. Israel. It’s on my bucket list. The only things on my bucket list are vacation spots. A few years ago I noticed that all of my travel was business related. I made a decision right then and…

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Is It Reasonable?

By Lynn | Jan 30, 2020 |

What does reasonable mean to you? says – having sound judgment; fair and sensible. How does that apply to confidence in your own powers? To me, that is the natural result of believing in yourself and having faith in your abilities. Yet, many of us live like it is reasonable to not have confidence…

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Are You Willing To Be Uncomfortable?

By Lynn | Jan 23, 2020 |

Most of you have heard of the 80/20 rule. The Pareto Principle. 80% of results will come from just 20% of the action. Do less. Achieve more. So, why don’t we do that? Answer – very often the 20% is not easy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. So we avoid it. And we wonder why progress…

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Retired? Me?

By Lynn | Jan 16, 2020 |

It’s the beginning of a new decade. Time to start the visioning process anew. I like to create a vision that includes various time periods. This time I did 3, 5 and 10 year visions. My 10 year vision just said one word – RETIRED! My immediate reaction – “Huh, I wonder what that means???”…

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Who Will You Be?

By Lynn | Jan 9, 2020 |

Many of us can say what a masterpiece is when it comes to music or art. Even when we disagree. We know what masterpiece means to us. Me? Myself? A masterpiece? That may be a bit harder for some of us to imagine. Yet, in reality, we all really are masterpieces. We are all precious…

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Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

By Lynn | Dec 31, 2019 |

To review my most recent webinar The 3 keys to go from great to extraordinary – Create an Intention. Put your Attention on it. Take action with Expectation. As we enter this new year, this new decade, it’s even more important to use these 3 keys to create an extraordinary life in 2020. I invite…

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Carry The Holidays Throughout The Year!

By Lynn | Dec 26, 2019 |

One of the ways I like to keep the holidays alive, no matter what time of year, is to be childlike. Not childish. They are different. I invite you to take time to watch a child play. Really play. That is an example of what I consider childlike. Children have this natural creativity. Curiosity. Wonder.…

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Will You Dance This Holiday Season?

By Lynn | Dec 19, 2019 |

I see the holidays as kind of a dance. The sway between peace and stress. You have peace in knowing the meaning behind the holiday. Whether it is religious or just spending fun times with friends and family. Or both. Then there is the stress of getting it done. Finding the right present. Preparing the…

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Do You Expect Trouble?

By Lynn | Dec 12, 2019 |

Trouble is one of the words I use to explain how our paradigm shows up. Others are – Fear. Doubt. Worry. Distraction. Dissuasion. Delay. Trouble at the border. It’s what to expect, if you are growing. The life you want is just on the other side of that border. Will you see that border as…

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