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Gina Phillips

Gina Phillips

Prior to working with Lynn, I was a people pleaser and had limiting beliefs. My self-esteem was at the lowest point in my life.  I knew I needed to practice self-care before I could move forward... I could feel my shift in my thought process. My personal relationship with family and friends improved. My business grew and I was able to double my income!

Thank you, Lynn.

Anna Kay France head shot

Anna Kay France

When I ran into difficulties with a recent project, my old reaction would have been: “I shouldn’t have even started this—what was I thinking?” My new reaction was: “I can learn from this and do it better next time.” Coaching with Lynn has helped me overcome my resistance to taking important steps in my personal and creative life—moving forward in the face of fear or self-doubt.

I’m happy to recommend Lynn to others.

Joe Andrade

Joe Andrade

Lynn is thoughtful and tailored her discussions and I learned why I was in such a rut for so long. I learned to re-do my thought processes… I immediately had a few new clients reach out and that snowballed from there.  I was able to make a few prioritizing decisions on business focus and streamline my efforts… I have a plan to keep on track... 

I highly recommend Lynn to all business owners who wants to get back on track.

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