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Barb O'Hara head shot

Barb O'Hara

Lynn as my personal Life Coach has provided me the tools, self knowledge and ideas to find my way. With these I am much happier and stronger! Would I have found my way here on my own? My answer no.The best part of working with Lynn is learning how to truly enjoy the journey of my life with the many rewards and Great Accomplishments! Join me in discovering yourself and how to turn your no's, not sure and negative aspects of your life into YES!!!!!

Anna Kay France head shot

Anna Kay France

When I ran into difficulties with a recent project, my old reaction would have been: “I shouldn’t have even started this—what was I thinking?” My new reaction was: “I can learn from this and do it better next time.” Coaching with Lynn has helped me overcome my resistance to taking important steps in my personal and creative life—moving forward in the face of fear or self-doubt.

I’m happy to recommend Lynn to others.

Mary Wollenschlaeger head shot

Mary Wollenschlaeger

Before I did the coaching with Lynn Tranchell, if things did not go well – I would just give up in frustration and think things would never change for me. Now, I feel as though I have a lot of new tools to use to help me manifest my dreams.This gives me the feeling of FREEDOM!

My recommendation, choose coaching with Lynn!

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