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Be Impeccable with Your Word

By Lynn | Jan 4, 2023 |

This month we will be looking at another book I enjoy. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I’m going to add a little twist and talk about how to apply these four agreements to your business. Being impeccable with your word helps you interact with your customers better and creates trust and success. Most…

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Be a Person of Increase

By Lynn | Dec 28, 2022 |

As we wrap up this month, we will be focusing on The Impression of Increase. We all want increase. More luxury. More beauty. More knowledge. More pleasure. More money. More success. It’s the upward pull of becoming. We want to share that increase with others. Watch this to learn how.   How will you be…

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Act Now to Create Momentum

By Lynn | Dec 21, 2022 |

Action is like the ground wire to electricity. Nothing happens without it. Any action is better than no action. The best action is in support of your goals. Your vision. Progress over perfection. This week we learn to turn doubt into action to create the success you want. Ready to take action? Click here to…

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Gratitude is the Path to Success

By Lynn | Dec 14, 2022 |

This week we continue our theme of New year. New you. New Success. The next chapter to study in “The Science of Getting Rich” is Chapter 7 – Gratitude. There are so many benefits of gratitude that you are likely familiar with – Emotional. Social. Personal. Health. One thing that surprised me is the benefit…

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Your Thoughts Create Your Success

By Lynn | Dec 7, 2022 |

Notice your thoughts. Are they disempowering, self-sabotaging, or limiting? Do they keep you from taking action to create the success you want? Watch this to learn more… Want help creating thoughts that help you move forward? Click here to talk to me about how that can work for you. Here’s to your new success! Until…

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Thriving Through the Holidays Review

By Lynn | Nov 30, 2022 |

Take a kind glance at your goal status for this year, without judgement. Have you met your goals? Have exceeded your goals? Are you almost there or not even close? Whatever your answer to these questions, there is still time to Thrive and finish stronger. Learn from your mistakes and successes. Watch this to learn,…

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Reduce Your Stress Before You Leave

By Lynn | Nov 23, 2022 |

What causes the most holiday stress? 22% self-stress/expectations. 13% money, shopping & commercialization. 65% family & in-laws. Chances are you may have experienced one or more of these already. Back in 2020 when there was worldwide grief and stress, I created a 4 step process to destress. Watch this to learn the 4 steps… Follow…

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Four Tips to Healthy Communication

By Lynn | Nov 16, 2022 |

Healthy communication can make all aspects of the holidays more enjoyable. Whether at work, at home, in social settings. Even on social media. This week I will be talking about four communication tips to help you during the holidays and everyday life. Pick one of these and practice. Share with me which one you are…

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How Can Forgiveness Help You Thrive Through the Holidays

By Lynn | Nov 10, 2022 |

As we continue to Thrive Through the Holidays, the next topic to consider is forgiveness. Forgive ourselves and forgive others. The Course in Miracles says: “Forgiveness is a shift in perception that removes a block in me to my awareness of love’s presence.” This week our special guest will be one of my Partners in…

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Relationships are the Reason for the Holidays

By Lynn | Nov 2, 2022 |

As we start November, we want to be able to thrive through the holidays. In both our life and business. Each week this month, we will be talking about ways to thrive no matter what is going on in our business or home. This week we look at relationships. Relationships are really what the holidays…

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