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Work Life Harmony

By Lynn | Feb 22, 2023 |

Now that you love your business, love your clients, and love your brand let’s make sure you love your life. No matter what your why is for starting your business, in the end you’re in business to have a better life. Here’s to more money and less stress in your business! Until next time… Dream…

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My Brand Builds My Business

By Lynn | Feb 16, 2023 |

As an entrepreneur, you are your brand. When we started our business, we had an idea of who we want to work with. Our brand reflects that. As our business grows and we refine our client base, our brand will most likely change to reflect the change. I am in the midst of a rebrand…

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I Love My Clients

By Lynn | Feb 8, 2023 |

Now that you love your business, what comes next? This week we look at loving your clients. Part of being in business is defining who we want to work with. For whatever reason, many of us have taken on clients that are not quite the right fit. When we can love them as much as…

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Love is in the Air

By Lynn | Feb 1, 2023 |

What does love have to do with my business? Everything. Each week, during this month of love, we will look at how to love an aspect of your business. This week – Love Your Business! What does it mean to love your business? Watch this to learn more… What are you going to do to…

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Always Do Your Best

By Lynn | Jan 25, 2023 |

You may think that Always Do Your Best means you always have to be perfect. Far from it. Your best changes day to day and even in the moment. As we finish our study to “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, we learn why this agreement makes all the others work. Watch this to…

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Don’t Make Assumptions

By Lynn | Jan 18, 2023 |

We make assumptions all the time. About something that happened or something that didn’t happen. Why someone said something. Why someone didn’t call you back. Making assumptions in our business leads to extra work or missed opportunities. Watch this to learn more… What assumptions do you make in your business? Want to talk about how…

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Don’t Take Anything Personally

By Lynn | Jan 11, 2023 |

As I was rereading “The Four Agreements” for this series, I realized the book study for this book was the first class I took for credit to become a Licensed Unity Teacher. That was the beginning of a series of steps that led me to where I am today. This week we look at Don’t…

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Be Impeccable with Your Word

By Lynn | Jan 4, 2023 |

This month we will be looking at another book I enjoy. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I’m going to add a little twist and talk about how to apply these four agreements to your business. Being impeccable with your word helps you interact with your customers better and creates trust and success. Most…

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Be a Person of Increase

By Lynn | Dec 28, 2022 |

As we wrap up this month, we will be focusing on The Impression of Increase. We all want increase. More luxury. More beauty. More knowledge. More pleasure. More money. More success. It’s the upward pull of becoming. We want to share that increase with others. Watch this to learn how.   How will you be…

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Act Now to Create Momentum

By Lynn | Dec 21, 2022 |

Action is like the ground wire to electricity. Nothing happens without it. Any action is better than no action. The best action is in support of your goals. Your vision. Progress over perfection. This week we learn to turn doubt into action to create the success you want. Ready to take action? Click here to…

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