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Look for the Open Door

It’s very easy to assume that one door, that one job, that one person, that one way of doing something is all there is. It can be devastating when that door closes. That job ends. That relationship ends. I can also be the best thing that ever happened to you. I invite you to try…

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What Does Patience Mean To You?

In this busy, hectic world it’s even more important to learn to be patient. When things don’t seem to be happening as fast as you think they should, I invite you to look to the Chinese Bamboo tree for inspiration. It grows very little in the first 5 years. Then it grows 90 feet in…

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Now’s the Time to Begin Again!

I read the Daily Word and meditate every morning before I get out of bed. Today’s daily word is Begin Again. It says – “I hear the call to more meaningful life experiences and a deeper understanding of Spirit. Whether my calling comes from a sudden change or a restless awareness that something more is…

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Do You Want To Be More Productive?

Is multitasking your go to method when you have a lot to do? I invite you to reconsider that idea. Research says that there is no such thing as multitasking; what you’re actually doing is switch tasking, which is less effective. Even when you are trying, you are not multitasking you are just switching from…

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Add “Yet” To Any Seeming Failure!

I was at an event at church. As sometimes happens when we talk about transformation, you hear some “yea, but…” or “that didn’t work…” or some other phrase indicating someone saw seeming failure. The facilitator recommended adding “, yet.” to these statements. For example – “I didn’t get a raise.” vs “I didn’t get a…

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What Did You Do On Labor Day?

This past Monday was Labor Day here in the US. A day off to honor working people. A day to relax from your work life. Many people consider it the end of summer and spend time outside to celebrate. Those of you not in the US, is there a day like this in your country?…

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Are You Open to Being Creative?

I received an email from Marie Forleo saying these 3 words saved her sanity. She was navigating her grandmother’s health challenges and living arrangements from a different state. She went on to say: “There’s not a day that goes by that the figureoutable philosophy doesn’t somehow help me find hope, clarity, and strength.” The phrase…

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Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?

Our thoughts and how we feel about our thoughts determine our existence. The life we live. Noticing our thoughts. Changing those that keep us stuck, keep us from moving in the direction of our vision, is one way to creating lasting change. Even a one-degree shift in our thinking can cause a massive change over…

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What Does Mastery Mean To You?

I saw this quote and thought – Yes, that’s it! Mastery is a process. A journey. Not an end point. It’s about learning and growing. In the past, I had always said that I am a jack of all trades – master of none. I love to learn. My favorite shows on TV are ones…

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Choose and Choose Well

I receive emails everyday with motivational quotes/stories. Today, I received 2 that talked about choice. This reminded me of the lyrics from the Rush song “Freewill.” At the time I first heard this song, it was a new concept to me. Choosing not to decide is a decision? Is a choice? I made a decision…

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