We cannot get to our dream we must come from it, and in order to come from it we must become it.

– Mary Morrissey


This week we will be looking at mastery in Transformation. Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities.

Transformation literally means having the experience of going beyond one form of experience or life into another. In order to experience transformation, we must get in harmony with how the universe works. It can’t work OUR way any more than electricity can work OUR way.

We all feel the pull toward growth, and the contraction of the familiar. Against contraction comes the pull of possibility.

Make sure you have a clear and coherent vision and then practice using it in your mind. “If I knew this is what it looks like, while my life is rearranging itself, and becoming the life I would really love to live, how would I feel?” Start generating that feeling tone. Put it on. Practice, several minutes a day, generating that feeling. Then practice acting in a certain way and thinking in a certain way, with the expectancy of a caterpillar, that is on its way to “butterflyness.”

Step into the feeling tone of the person who is already living that life. What do you feel like? What do you think? What clothes do you wear? What kinds of conversations do you have? The feeling tone is what activates the Law of Attraction.

When you use your mind as the magnet to become a vibrational match for the transformation you want to create, you will experience “magic.” “Out of the blue” an opportunity will present itself, a person will call, a door will open, circumstances will begin to wrap themselves around you, in order to bring your dream to fruition. This is the work of co-creation with the Universe. This is the work of transformation.

Transformation requires thinking in a way that is in alignment with the life you are wanting to create.

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