“I expand in love, success, and abundance every single day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

Gay Hendricks


Love – Fostering Authentic Relationships

This week we will be continuing to explore the coaching program that I offer called: Life Mastery. In Life Mastery, you’ll develop new habits of thinking and action and you’ll gain new insights. This week we will be talking about mastery in Love.

In the last moments of life when you have only a little bit of time, what really matters surfaces, and what really matters to each one of us are the important, the deep, the powerful relationships in our lives.

One of the fundamental principles of living life well is learning mastery in the area of loving, happy, healthy, nurturing relationships.

This week there will be moments where you have a chance to have a lifetime moment with someone. Your act in that moment can make a lifetime impression of what love looks like in human form; how it shows up, how it expresses, how real love listens, how real love praises and acknowledges, how real love moves through touch, how real love offers helpful and loving feedback, how real love supports another’s dreams and goals, and how real love keeps agreements in safety and integrity in relationships. Notice and cherish these moments.

We also want to look at the role of forgiveness in relationships. Forgiveness is the way that we keep ourselves clear conduits for love’s presence flowing through us. Mastery in the ability to forgive and forgive well, is key to having the kinds of loving relationships we want. Each day, ask – What would you have me forgive today? What do I need to forgive myself for? My partner for? My family member for? My friend for? Something will come up. Don’t argue with it. Lean into it. Wish that person well (even if it is yourself). Let it go.

Use Gay Hendricks success mantra, listed above, every day. How does this change your relationships.

I will be starting Life Mastery in early January. Contact me today, to find out to be a part of it.




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