Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale


This week, we will be looking at mastery in manifestation. Everything is created twice. We all know this, but we may not know the power of this. The chair we are sitting in. The house we live in. The clothes we wear. Were all a thought in someone’s mind before they became reality.

You are all manifestors (creators). You don’t get a choice about that. You only get a choice — moment by moment — whether you are manifesting by design or by default. Default is the patterning of the past; you will “fall asleep” at times and move to default where your patterning is running your thinking. As soon as you notice that you say “Up until now…” Up until now I believed that but now I am choosing . . . and you think from your vision (we talked about vision last week). The person who is living from this vision, what does she think about? How is he choosing? What is she doing with her time? It’s a process of moving from thoughts to things; from the invisible to the visible.

You have tremendous power to create what you want when you are focused on it, in harmony with it, and you keep yourself feeding your faith and starving your fear.

When you are stepping into a larger vision for yourself, you will always have fear. The key is to have fear without fear having you. We do this by where we place our attention. What you put your attention on the Universe reads as your intention. Place your attention on your vision.

Give yourself wins. Acknowledge the baby steps. Mastery isn’t in doing it perfectly, the mastery is in the showing up. It’s taking a step in the direction of your vision.

Be grateful IN all things, regardless of our circumstances. Consciously express gratitude each day this week.

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Manifest the life you would love living.

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