Life Mastery

Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.
—Mary Lou Retton



I wanted to review the blogs for the past six weeks. These are based on a coaching program I have called Life Mastery. I will be starting a Life Mastery coaching program the first week in February. If you want to learn more or are ready to transform your life, contact me at or 716-698-9782.

Here’s a review of Life Mastery…

Intention. Accessing the power or your purpose.

Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.

When you shape your intention, the HOW is not your business, but the WHAT is your business.

Some of the most important work you will do is to take the time to describe the life you want to live. When you look upon the infinite possibility of your life, you get to choose. Ask yourself – what would I love? Not, what do I think I can do. In the absence of your choosing consciously what you want to create, you will choose unconsciously. You will live by default instead of design. Some people live 99 years. Others live 1 year 99 times. Which would you prefer.

Health. Experiencing the highest expression of well being.

What does health and well-being mean to you. What would you love with respect to your health. How would your life change if you lived from well-being.

Entering into a dialogue with your body is a very, very powerful opportunity to get in touch with your body and it’s messages. This is our temple and it is made of spirit. It is made of intelligence. It is programmed for perfection. Talk to your body. What does it say. What does it need from you.

Abundance. Living from connection with source.

Would it really be OK with you if you began living at a much higher level of abundance? If so, what would that look like for you? Be specific. Paint the picture of abundance in your life.

Now that you have a vision, you want to create space for the flow of abundance in your life. The universe abhors a vacuum. When you clear something out, you are creating space for what you really want. What can you clear out in your environment, relationships, or finances? Use your vision to fill the opening you create.

Manifestation. Developing the art of co-creating.

Everything is created twice. We all know this, but we may not know the power of this. The chair we are sitting in. The house we live in. The clothes we wear. Were all a thought in someone’s mind before they became reality.

You are all manifestors (creators). You don’t get a choice about that. You only get a choice — moment by moment — whether you are manifesting by design or by default. Default is the patterning of the past.

Love. Fostering Authentic Relationships.

In the last moments of life when you have only a little bit of time, what really matters surfaces, and what really matters to each one of us are the important, the deep, the powerful relationships in our lives.

One of the fundamental principles of living life well is learning mastery in the area of loving, happy, healthy, nurturing relationships.

Transformation. Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities.

Transformation literally means having the experience of going beyond one form of experience or life into another. In order to experience transformation, we must get in harmony with how the universe works. It can’t work OUR way any more than electricity can work OUR way.

Transformation requires thinking in a way that is in alignment with the life you are wanting to create.

Happy New Year!


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