Take 10 Minutes to Get Started With Imagination

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein


10 minutes. Everyone has 10 minutes everyday. 10 minutes is a long time. What 10 minutes are you willing to sacrifice (change what you are doing) to attract your dream life.

We were great using our imagination when we were younger. We could imagine our future with great detail. We always had an answer for “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We may have even had imaginary friends. Over the years we have been told to stop daydreaming. And our imagination suffered as a result. Give yourself permission to dream again. To use your imagination in support of the life you would love living.

Imagine what you would love in health, relationships, career or creative expression and the amount of time and money freedom that you would love in your life. Imagine in vivid detail. You may find that it is very easy to fill 10 minutes doing this. You may find it takes practice. It’s your life. Take the action to develop your imagination today.

Vibrant Living Tip – Schedule 10 minutes everyday this week to use your imagination in support of your dream/vision. Don’t let yourself off the hook here. Do it. Do it everyday. It will get easier each day. Then increase the time to 20 minutes next week. See how what you see and dream changes.

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