OMG! The Best Thoughts Ever!

“Resilient people have realized that their mind can become an ally, instead of the enemy, during tough times.” – Loretta LaRoche



Your mind, your thoughts, create your reality. Some people live 99 years. Others live 1 year 99 times. Whether you live one way or the other is all based on your thoughts. Are your thoughts based on circumstance. Or the vision of the life you would love. Every time you think – I can’t because… You are living based on circumstance. You are living someone else life. Your thoughts become your enemy. You are living the same year over again.

Let your thoughts to be your ally. Live 99 years. It takes noticing. Then asking – what would I love… Put the how aside for now. That will come. Keep asking – what would I love… Keep your thoughts on the discovery channel.

Create your best thoughts. Create your best life!

Discover. Dream. Be.

Vibrant Living Tip – Notice your thoughts every day this week. The first step is to notice. Then ask: “What new thoughts can I make welcome today, in support of my dream.” You will be amazed at how your thoughts change.

Live Vibrantly!


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