Don't Be Fooled By Mistakes

Today I remember that every “setback” is taking me to the pinnacle.

Tama Kieves


You must be willing to make mistakes. You must be willing to risk. You must be willing to try something you’ve never tried before.

It doesn’t feel good to make a mistake. When I was younger, my siblings laughed at me when I made a mistake. That kept me from trying. From taking the risks that could lead to bigger success. It still can affect me even now. I get that feeling at the pit of my stomach. I do it anyway. I ask, what can I learn from this.

Can you see failure as feedback.

Vibrant Living Tip – Make a list of a few things that you considered mistakes or failures. Can you change the way you look at them. Can you see the good that happened as a result. Write down some stretch goals. Goals that scare you. Put them in your calendar. Do them. Each time you do, it will get easier.

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