Sexy Intuition

You may not think of intuition as sexy. If using it can help you find the love of your life… It can be very sexy!

Your intuition is your non-linear intelligence system that will guide you on your path to your dream. Intuition is like an internal guidance system for your life. It is one of the most important mental faculties because it speaks to you at a spiritual level. Through it you have the ability to receive inspired insight because it’s strongly connected to the realm of infinite consciousness, intelligence, and awareness.

The intuitive mind enables you to plug in and communicate with infinite intelligence. This is a “gut feeling” or “hunch.” You just need to be quiet and still in order to hear it.

Vibrant Living Tip

Bring your vision to mind.

Everyday this week, ask yourself - What can I do today to move me in the direction of my Vision. Note what comes to you. Take action on the ones that resonate with you.

Did you ever have a feeling that you should do or not do something? Did you listen? How did it turn out? If you didn’t listen, did you later wish you had?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Intuition is our ability to pick-up energy and create a YES field. The currency of the universe is ideas. Just one idea can change your life. The way to execute the image of the life you have imagined is already there. It’s nudging you. It’s poking at your consciousness. It’s saying, “Do this,” “go here,” “go there.” Follow your Intuition to discover the steps to take in support of your Vision. You'll be happy you did.

Live Vibrantly!


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