Future Memory

“We cannot get to our dream we must come from it, and in order to come from it we must become it.” – Mary Morrissey


Last week I talked about our 6 mental faculties. This week, I want to emphasize one aspect of one of those faculties. Memory. We all know about our memory of the past. Our remembering. There is also a way to memorize our future. This is where the true power of memory comes in.

You want to tune your whole body to the frequency of your dream. What you want to create. ‘Five sensorize’ it. Use all five of your senses to put on that life. What does it smell like, sound like, feel like, look like, taste like? Allow yourself to feel this in your whole body. Then allow yourself to ‘put on’ that life… What does that person do, say, eat, wear? Who do you hang out with, what kind of conversations do you have? How does that person walk out the door in the morning. What does that person watch on television? What does that person read?

If you are having trouble doing this, you can use your remembering memory to help. Remember a time in the past where you accomplished something similar. Get into that feeling tone. Then take that into your new situation and picture the outcome from that place.

Step into your vision and put on that person. Stay in that feeling of being that person.

This is what Einstein meant when he said – match the frequency of the reality you want…

Take a moment now to step into your dream/vision… Memorize this moment.

From there ask – if this is who I am what would I be doing.

Bring your future into the present and act from there. This is how we use future memory.

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