If you want to know what you are attracting, look around you!”

– B. Dave Walters


I talk a lot about thoughts and actions. If you want to know what you are thinking, look at your life. Your life reflects back to you every moment of every day. You have a choice in every moment how you will respond. Will you respond by default. “That’s just the way I am.” “That’s the way it always works for me.” “Not in this economy.” “That’s the way I was brought up.” “Let’s just see what happens.” Or do you respond by design. Based on a vision of what you would love.

There are two ways to change a paradigm. A strong emotional or physical impact. Or by specifically reframing it. Notice what you are noticing. Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering. If they are disempowering, use your future memory (see last week’s blog) to create new thoughts. Stay in the vibration. Take action. See what next step is revealed to you and take that step. Keep taking those action steps.

This is one of the most important ways I help my coaching clients. Paradigm busting.

Next time you are tempted to say – “That’s just the way I am,” make a conscious decision to stop and change your paradigm. You will see a whole new reflection in the mirror!

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