Do You Love To Learn?

When we think about evolution, we usually think about evolution of the physical species. Single cell beings to multi cell beings to humans. This is a long process. One that, it could be said, there is no choice. Evolution happens for survival of the fittest, as Darwin said.

There are other types of evolution that happens by choice. Conscious evolution is one of those.

My Spirit Group at church is reading Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book “Conscious Evolution.”

If we look at Conscious Evolution, we see a number of differences to physical evolution. It’s a choice. It happens faster. It’s a learning process.

Vibrant Living Tip

Every one of us has within us the impulse toward better consciousness freedom and order. All it needs is our yes. When we say yes, we find that we know more. We, ourselves, are part of evolution. Inside you and me. It's a direction of billions of years of intelligence.

We have entered a chaos point that cannot be maintained. A crucial tipping point. A new trajectory that leads either to breakdown or to breakthrough to a new structure and a new mode of operations.

We can evolve and help transform our world by collaboratively identifying key issues, looking at what is working, and initiating co-creative manifestations that are beneficial to the world.

New problems, new solutions, and more complex problems result in new ways of thinking, new solutions, new values and priorities, and enhanced social and personal choices and flexibility.  This is the shape of conscious evolution (greater complexity, greater flexibility).

Conscious evolution is the new world view vital to ethical evolution. It is a meme to guide us through this dangerous period toward an unlimited future. Memes are ideas woven into complex thought systems that organize human activities according to a specific pattern. The way genes build bodies, memes build cultures, societies and noosphere.

Conscious evolution teaches us to be meme conscious and create life-affirming memes that foster a positive future.

Can you identify an area that you see needs help to evolve? I invite you to take that step-in conscious evolution. Say yes and participate a new consciousness that leads to a better world for all.

Vibrant Living Take Away

We are imbued with the impulse of evolution, ourselves, and we are given this conscious evolution by choice not chance. We are not determined by forces greater than ourselves. We are given the power to be greater than ourselves. I’m up for that. How about you?

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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