Do You Know What You Are Thinking?

We spend 95% of our day on autopilot, sleepwalking, oblivious to the thoughts scrolling through our mind.

95% of our day our unconscious mind is running the show.

Creating our results.

And we don’t even know it…

The good news is that we can change that.


Here’s one way…

Vibrant Living Tip

My mentor, Mary Morrissey, has a trick she uses to keep herself awake more often. Every time she touches a handle (we all touch many handles during the day) she asks: How am I handling this.

She tells a story about how she used this technique to sell her house…

Mary and her husband, Joe, were looking to buy a new house. They created a vision for the house they would love for the next stage of their life.

They put their current house on the market. This was a few years ago when the real-estate market in California was not great for selling.

Mary and Joe were out to dinner with friends and mentioned they were selling their house. The response was a raise eyebrow and an emotional: “Really? In this market?”

Mary stared to second-guess herself. On the way to the car she started saying things like – maybe this isn’t a good time; maybe we should rent it until the market turns around; what were we thinking in this market.

She got to the car, touched the handle and her thought shifted – how am I handling this?

She stopped, turned to Joe and said: Let’s rethink this. It only takes one and what if it was easy.

Joe said: I’m in for that!

The next day Joe was getting the mail and saw their neighbor. The topic turned to their house being for sale. Joe was about to repeat the dinner conversation from the night before and then remembered – it just takes 1 and what if it was easy. His new response was: it’s a great house and you know it’s a great neighborhood. If you know anyone who might like to live here, let us know.

The neighbor said: a friend of mine is looking, let me see…

The neighbor’s friend loved the house.


All by noticing and entertaining a new thought.

I invite you to try this yourself.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Find a way to signal to yourself to wake-up, notice, and pay attention to your thoughts. Are your thoughts taking you where you want to go? If not, entertain a new more empowering thought. Use the handle example if you want. The more awake you are the more you can truly live the life of your dreams.

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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