What Are You Letting Into Your Mind?

At any given moment we have a choice.

Live by the appearance of what is going on in the outside world.

Or live a life based on what you would love.

Default or design.

We are what we let into our mind.

Our thoughts decide our results.

Look at these two words –

Creator vs Reactor

The difference between these two words is where the “C” is placed.

How you “C” (see) it.

We can be a creator or a reactor.

We can have authority over our mind and create. Or let the outside have authority and react.

Vibrant Living Tip

Notice where you are focusing your mind. Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?

If they are empowering, lean in and see what else comes to you.

If they are disempowering, stop and ask - what would I love. See what new empowering thoughts come to you.

Vibrant Living Take Away

We get to choose where our mind takes us every moment of everyday. Notice. Replace, if necessary. Repeat

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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