Do You Have Comfort Zone Stagnation?

They call the Dead Sea the Dead Sea for a reason. It’s dead, mostly.

There are no plants, fish, or any other visible life in the sea. It has a single source, the Jordan River, and is not connected to the ocean. It’s landlocked, which means water flows into it but doesn’t flow out. Its water has no escape, but is trapped to evaporate.

We can liken our comfort zone to the Dead Sea. Comfort zone stagnation keeps us from growing.

Most times we get stuck in our comfort zone out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of judgment. Fear of… add your own.

When I stared my personal development journey, I would read the back cover of a book. If my stomach hurt, I bought it. Why? That is where my fear shows up. If the description of the book scared me, I figured I needed to read it and learn what it had to teach.

Where does fear appear to you?

Vibrant Living Tip

Notice times when you feel fear this week.

Next time you feel fear, instead of retreating in comfort, I invite you to step out in growth. Do what scares you!

How does it feel?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Each time you step out and take action in the face of fear, you become stronger. Less fearful. You grow in ways you could never imagine.


Until next time... Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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