What Action Will You Take Today?

“Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”
David J Schwartz

There is a saying that says some people are over read and under done. As a life long learner, I have a tendency to collect books. I used to have a stack of books next to my bed that I was in the middle of reading. I can remember moving 30 boxes of books from one apartment to another. Some of which I hadn’t even read. Can you relate?

It is great to read inspirational, motivational books. The question is – what do you do next. Do you move on to the next book. Or do you apply what gold nuggets you gleaned with action. Reading without applying is poor use of inspiration.

At book club last night, someone asked – what 3 take-aways did you receive from this book. One person actually gave an example of how she re-wrote a story she tells based on what she read and will be using it in her business. That’s the application that Bob Proctor was talking about. Action to support us in moving forward.

Vibrant Living Tip – Make a list of books that you have read that had an impact on your life. Next to each title write one thing you learned that would move you in the direction of your dream. Put a date next to it. Put it in your calendar. Do it on that date. Take action everyday.

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Live Vibrantly!

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