Want to be happier and stay younger?

I am co-teaching a prosperity class at church with my minister.

In class this week, someone commented – “I’ve never been handy around the house.”

He went on to talk about how some things in his house recently broke. And how he followed a friend’s suggestion and searched YouTube to learn how to fix it.

He fixed a number of things last week, including his dishwasher.

My mother used to say…

You shouldn’t go to bed unless you learned something new that day.

I think that's one of the reasons why I'm committed to being a life long learner.

Turns out there are a LOT of great benefits to being a lifelong learner, including these three.

1) Life long learning makes you happier!

It does this by increasing your likelihood of feeling fulfilled and improves emotional balance which helps avoid depression.

2) It can increase your confidence!

You gain knowledge and learn new skills. Which leads to you trusting yourself more. You realize that you can learn what you need to know. You can learn just about anything on YouTube.

3) You sleep more soundly!

Just like exercising your body causes you to be physically tired, exercising your brain by learning new things causes your brain to become tired. You sleep better.

Ready to get started? I invite you to try this simple exercise.

Vibrant Living Tip

What topics do you love learning about?

Give yourself a gift and really spend some time with this and make a list. Have fun with this.

Pick one thing from the list.

Make a list of things you would love to know more about this topic.

Schedule at least an hour this week investigating, learning more, and then doing.

How did that feel? Did you love it?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Learning is a way of life. When we fall in love with learning, we not only stay young, we add fun and vibrancy to our life.

Until next time... Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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