The Mystery Behind Opportunity!

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.”

Napoleon Hill


Opportunity is defined as – a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.

You can see any situation as an opportunity. Even something you didn’t want to happen. Even something that looked, at the time, like a disaster. It’s all about how you see it. If you look at the two words CREATOR and REACTOR, you will notice that they both have the exact same letters. Creator has the “C” at the beginning. Reactor in the middle. You can be a creator or reactor with any situation. It’s all about how you “C” it. The same is true for opportunity. When the misfortune or defeat happens, do you create or react?

Are you the pilot in your life or do you get whiplash watching time fly by. Take action based on your vision. See everything as an opportunity. Fly into the life you love living.

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