Seek Serenity In Your Thoughts

The world still seems to be in chaos.

The holidays are approaching.

Calm and serene may seem so far way.

Yet, if you could become calm and serene…

What would that mean to you?

Vibrant Living Tip

In the Serenity chapter in “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, he writes…

“A man becomes calm in the measure that he understands himself as a thought- evolved being. For such knowledge necessitates the understanding of others as the result of thought, and as he develops a right understanding, and sees ever more clearly the internal relations of things by the action of cause and effect, he ceases to fuss, fume, worry, and grieve. He remains poised, steadfast, serene.”

Everything is created twice. First as a thought. Then in form.

Notice your thoughts. Do they lead you where you want to go? Great! Keep on thinking those and more like it.

If not, take a moment or two to just breathe. When you feel more calm, ask - how can I change how I am seeing this? Next, ask – what action can I take to support this new thought. Then, yep you got it. Take at least one action step in that direction. One is all you need to start.

Vibrant Living Take Away

“Keep your hands firmly upon the helm of thought.”

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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