Ready to Get Unstuck?

Darren Hardy did a 3 part series on Darren Daily about Getting Unstuck.

He talked about 7 ways people are stuck. Things like – you gave up, you’re dulled down by routines, you retreat to comfort, stuck in the past, burned out.

His formula to get unstuck -

  1. What do you want?
  2. What is it that is stopping you?
  3. What do you need to do?

I saw these 3 steps and silently said – Hey, those are my 3 Keys to a Vibrant Life that I have been teaching for 4 years!


3 Keys to a Vibrant Life –

  1. Vision
  2. Habits (thought habits)
  3. Action

Another example of – Great Minds Think Alike!

I’m going to spend the next 3 weeks doing a deep dive into each of these 3 keys.

This week, Vision. Without a vision the people will perish. You have to have a Clear picture of what you want. It has to contain Purpose, your purpose. And you want to include Adventure/Fun. The universe loves fun and adventure. Make it part of your vision.

How do you create a vision?

Vibrant Living Tip

I invite you to spend some time on this. Have fun. Be creative.

The first step to creating a powerful vision, is Clarity - getting clear about the life you would love to live.  You want to create a clear, powerful and detailed picture of what that life would look like… the kind of picture that evokes powerful positive emotions when you read it.

When you are defining your dream, the most important question to ask yourself is...

What would I LOVE?

Not - What do I think I can do. What does my education say I can do. What does the economy say I can do.

What would I LOVE?

Paint a picture as vividly as you can in the present tense, as if you are already living that life. Include all 5 senses.

State your dream in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want.

Write it down. You have a 42% greater chance of accomplishing things when you write it down.

Vibrant Living Take Away

The first key to a vibrant life is your Vision. You’ll never know you arrived, if you don’t know where you are going.

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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