Prouditude as a way of Being

Today I want to share a practice with you. My partners in believing use it on our Monday morning call. And I always start my coaching sessions with it.

I invite clients to share a “gratitude” and “proud of.” I call it prouditude. I encourage each of them to consider one thing that they are grateful for and one thing they are proud of. Something they are proud they did.  Most people find it easy to find something to be grateful for. It is much harder to find something to be proud of. We were taught not to show off. Not to brag. I also say that if the gratitude and proud of are related, even better.

For example… I am grateful for my partners in believing. I am proud of the way I support them.

It’s not necessary to be able to connect them. It is something to strive for as you master your prouditudes.

The purpose of bringing to mind a “gratitude” and a “proud of” is to generate what we call an energetic state.

A Vibration. Generating state is one of the more important skill sets that we practice.

Your Vibrant Living Tip

Having dominion over the vibration that we are transmitting is very important. It is the key to really being a vibrational match to our vision and to a life that we absolutely love living. And the dominion of that comes through the thoughts that we thinking, both consciously and unconsciously, which then creates a vibration that is transmitted. This happens 24/7.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. This is the secondary law. The Law of Vibration is the primary law. It makes the Law of Attraction work faster.

Start by becoming aware, in other words, notice what you’re noticing. Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings. Notice if either the thoughts you’re thinking, or if the feelings you’re experiencing are expansive or contractive.

The goal is to have an expansive vibrational tone that is in harmony with living a life that we absolutely love living. This is a vision-driven vibration. It’s an expansive vibration. Not a condition-driven vibration. A condition-driven vibration would be one of contraction, which comes from feelings of fear, doubt, worry, or anxiety. In other words, letting our current conditions or circumstances decide what we think and feel. As opposed to what we would love.

Gratitude is a great way of generating a vision-driven vibrational state. By naming one thing that we’re grateful for, and we add to that, one thing that we’re proud of. The ‘proud of’ has two purposes. First, it expands and turns up the volume on the vibration of gratitude - it amplifies it. And the other purpose is that it acknowledges the part of us that is actually taking the action step.

It’s not a given that we’ll take action in support of our vision. We have the gift of free will, which means we get to decide what we’ll actually do with our time.

By giving ourselves a command, and causing ourselves to follow through on the command, we are exercising the mental faculty of our will. This is a skill set that we learn to practice more and more as we come from our vision, so we want to acknowledge that and be proud of that action.

A great way to begin shifting our energy is to change our breathing pattern. Inhale through our nose, and exhale slowly through our mouth. Do this a couple of times. Inhaling fully through your nose indicates safety to your nervous system. It’s allowing you to breathe yourself into this present moment.

Then add one thing you’re grateful for, and one thing you’re proud of, feeling it in your entire body as you state it.

Ah, that feels good. Now I can take the action I need to take to support my vision.

Your Vibrant Living Take Away

Take a moment each day to create prouditudes. Or when you are feeling a little off or down. A well placed prouditude can change your day, week, month, year, life.

Share your prouditude.

Contact me to learn more about a vision-driven life and business.

Until next time…

Dream bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly.

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