Letting Go 2.0 – The Next Step

“Knowledge is learning something new every day and wisdom is letting go of something every day.”

Zen Proverb

The next step may be the same step. Letting go is not a 1 time deal. You may need to let go over and over and over until your thoughts no longer think that thought. It’s easy to say – let it go. It may not be so easy to do. The first step is to notice. And if you find yourself needing to let it go again, be gentle with yourself. Replace that thought as many times as you need to. Then take action. Action is the ground wire to complete the circuit. Know that each time you do this, you are one step closer.

What is one thought you need to let go of? Start the process today.

Vibrant Living Tip: Pay attention to how often you have the same thought. Ask – is this thought moving me in the direction of my vision. If the answer is no – pause, repeat your vision, ask – what step can I take to move me in the direction of my vision/dream. Take that step. Repeat for every thought.


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