Fear? Not If You Use Persistence The Right Way!

“Never, never, never give up.”
~ Winston Churchill


How do you know when to give up and when to keep going? It all goes back to your vision. If you have a vision based on what you would love, the answer is easy. You keep going unless something better comes along. You never give up out of fear. Fear is just the border of the reality you have known so far. FEAR = false evidence appearing real.

The more you move forward in the face of fear, the less fear you will feel. The persistence will lead to confidence. Confidence will lead to faster action. Which will lead to greater results with less effort.

Vibrant Living Tip: What area in your life are you feeling some fear around. When you feel the fear, stop and remember your vision. Stick to it. Take baby steps. Celebrate the steps as you take them. As you take a step, a new one will appear. As Dory says, just keep swimming.

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