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Now that you have that big dream based on what you would love, pay attention to your next thoughts. You may be thinking am I worthy of this dream. Instead, you want to continue the questioning from last week. Would I love that life.

Now what? What’s your next step? Answer these 5 questions to see if your dream is worthy of you…

Vibrant Living Tip

Look at your dream and ask yourself…

Does it give me life?

When you read it and visualize being that person, you want to come alive. Do you feel vibrant, happy, content, radiant.

Does it align with my core values?

You want to stay in alignment with what really matters to you.

Does it cause me to grow?

It‘s who you become in the process that really matters.

Does it require a power bigger than me?

If you know everything there is to do and exactly how to make this dream come true, it’s not big enough.

Is there good in it for others?

Even if your dream is to find the love of your life. You may feel that might be selfish and not have good in it for others. Know that anytime anyone sees love expressed it benefits him or her.

If you say Yes to all of these, you have a dream worthy of you.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Did answering those questions confirm your dream? Did it cause you to change your dream at all? If so, make sure the change was for something better.

What action will you take this week.

Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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