Harmony is What we Really Want

Wayne Dyer quote about harmony

We’re continuing Professional Wellness Month with the concept of Harmony.

People talk about work/life balance.

Balance is really not possible. We are always ever balancing. Like a teeter totter.

Harmony is possible.

That is what we really want.

There are three steps to creating harmony.

Your Vibrant Living Tip


Decide what you are going to focus on. It’s not always easy. We have to have a vision. Once we know where we want to be, we can create goals. Steps that take us in that direction.

This is the starting point to creating harmony.

Next comes Habits.

How you think and how you act allows you to more easily to stay focused on the end goal. Your vision.

Notice what you are thinking and how that is affecting what is driving you forward.

For example, you can’t be successful and think thoughts of not being good enough. They’re not in harmony.

You may need to change your thinking which creates new habits.

The last part is Action. Take a step. Then notice. Did this get me closer to my vision. Adjust and take another step.

Your Vibrant Living Take Away

When we focus, create habits, and act in support of our vision we create harmony.

Comment about the harmony you would love to create this week.

Until next time…

Dream bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly.


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