Fall In Love With Possibility

“You don’t have to know how it’s going to happen, you just have to know it’s going to happen.”
Bob Proctor


This week we are going to talk about possibilities. The possibility of new from saying goodbye and the knowing that possibilities exist even if you don’t know how.

Which of these is scarier to you. Saying goodbye. Or fear of the unknown. They both could be seen as opportunity.

If something isn’t going right or isn’t in your best interest, say goodbye. Be open to something better. Expect something better. Know something better is out there. Watch for something better and accept it when it appears. If you are not looking for it and expecting it you may not see it.

Vibrant Living Tip– Notice every door you see this week. Is it open or closed. Are you willing to step through and trust it will be exactly what you need. Try stepping through. See what happens.

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Live Vibrantly!


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