Do You Celebrate How Far You Have Come?

look at how far you have come quote by Doc Zantamata

There is a story about two boys who are at the edge of a wide, swift flowing river. They decide to swim across. They both jump in and start swimming. The one boy makes it to the opposite shore and turns around to talk to his friend. He is not there. He scans the shore looking for him. He is nowhere in sight. He looks back at the shore across the river and there is his friend. They meet up later and the one who swam to the other shore asks the one who didn’t: What happened? He says: I was about halfway across and looked back and saw how far I was from the shore and got scared and turned back. His friend said: Why didn’t you just keep looking forward and watch as the shore got closer and closer?

Can you relate to this story?

Are you ready to celebrate where you are and keep going?

Vibrant Living Tip

How many times do we take a step forward, toward our vision, only to look back out of fear? Instead of celebrating how far we’ve come, we yearn for the comfort of the familiar. Negating all we have accomplished.

I invite you to turn fear into celebration. Look back and say: Wow, I did this! I am so grateful I started this journey.

Then look forward, in the direction of your vision, and take a step.

Stop and celebrate each step. Then take another.

If you are not sure of that next step, look at your vision. Feel what it is like to have accomplished that goal. From that place ask: What can I do today to move me in that direction. Take that step. Celebrate. Then take another.

Vibrant Living Take Away

The path to your vision may twist and turn. There is always something you can do as you celebrate each step you do take.


Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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