Are you Moving?

So, this happened this week…

Me: Hey Angela, you ready to walk?

Angela: But it's snowing!

Me: Wear your boots 🙂

Angela: But it's cold!

Me: Bundle up 🙂

Angela: OK, I’ll be ready in 5.

Angela is my walking buddy. We walk every week, rain, snow, sleet, or heat.

Some days it's harder than others, but we both feel more energized every time we walk.

Full spectrum wealth includes feeling "abundant" in our health as well as other the other areas of our life. But this is one area that I find often gets neglected. The truth is, how we feel in our body, impacts every other area of our life.

Want to increase your "health wealth"?

Vibrant Living Tip

Many of us have jobs where we sit all day.

There are plenty of ways to do everyday exercise even in a corporate setting.

I invite you to find fun ways to be creative and get moving with everyday exercise.

Every 50 minutes or so, you can get up and stretch. Walk to the drinking fountain. Do some everyday exercise to clear your mind and get your body moving.

When I as in the corporate world, I walked at lunchtime. Sometimes with another person. Sometimes alone.

You can use the bathroom on another floor and walk up and down the stairs to get there. Or take the stairs to attend a meeting.

Are you motivated to try it on your own?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Everyday this week I invite you to do at least one everyday exercise for a total of 30 minutes. See how you feel. See how your feel at the end of the week. Healthier, I hope.

Here’s to your vibrant health!

Until next time... Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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