A Simple Plan For Change

How do you respond when change happens or thoughts of change come up. Most people have some kind of resistance to change. They would prefer the familiar.

Would it be OK with you if it were easy to know whether or not to move forward with change.

The first thing you need is a vision. What would I love is the best way to start.

Your vision becomes a navigational tool. It’s how we know what to say Yes to or No to.

We are the only species on earth with the capacity to choose. Without a vision and knowing who you want to be, you choose by default. Like other species.

Are you ready to make the change decision easy?

Vibrant Living Tip

Everyday this week work on your vision. What would I love. Then ask, if this is who I am what is one step I can take today to move me in the direction of my vision.

Take that step.

If some sort of change comes up that you are not sure about. Use your vision to decide. Will this change move me in the direction of my vision. If yes, do it.

Are you ready to embrace change and make it fun?

Vibrant Living Take Away

Creating your vision and staying in the place of being that person takes time and effort. It takes motivation and dedication. The butterfly you become will be well worth it.

Until next time...

Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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