The 5 M’s to a Better Life


“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

Steve Maraboli


Over the next 5 weeks, we will be talking about the 5 M’s to a better life. They are…

Mindset + Mentor + Mastermind + Momentum = Mastery

This week we will look at mindset.

Your mindset is your usual attitude or mental state. It can be positive or negative. Growth based or fixed. The only thing you really need to know is, that you can change it.

Notice your thoughts. Find ways to turn any negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Find things to be grateful for and in. Avoid negative people. Help someone in need. Compliment everyone you see. Deliberately make a mistake and see it as a learning experience.

Vibrant Living Tip – Use your imagination and creativity this week. It could be as everyday as creating an amazing meal. Or something more elaborate as creating a gift from an idea you saw on Pinterest. Spend time each day with your imagination and creativity. It may seem to take some time to get going. With consistency, it becomes easier and easier. And this will help create a positive mindset.

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