3 Reasons Why You Want To Daydream Everyday

Were you ever told to "STOP daydreaming"?

To "get your head out of the clouds"?

To "pay attention"?

It's a pretty common experience for many of us.

For many of us, we got the message early on, that daydreaming is BAD.

But as it turns out, there are actually some very important benefits of daydreaming.

What our parents may have seen as a distraction or a way of avoiding something, is actually exercising your brain.

Daydreaming helps us be more creative. You allow your mind to wander and explore new possibilities. Your mind travels through different parts of your brain and collects bits of information that it may then be able to connect. These connections often end up being the beginnings of new and creative ideas.

Daydreaming also helps us find solutions to problems. Consciously paying attention to a problem isn’t the best way to solve it. Daydreaming and letting the mind figure it out is. Thomas Edison called this the Land of Solution. Edison would formulate a question. He would rock in his chair and daydream until he found an answer.

Daydreaming helps reduce stress. It is a form of hypnosis. When you think about fun things you will do after work. Your upcoming vacation. These positive thoughts are relaxing. You give your brain a mini vacation.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of daydreaming?

Vibrant Living Tip

I invite you to set aside some time this week to daydream. Yes, you have my permission. Close your eyes and let you mind wander. Set your phone alarm for 30 minutes. Or whatever time feels good to you.

Pose a question to the universe about a problem you want to solve or a creative idea you want to call in.

Write down anything that comes to you.

What did you notice? How did that feel? What ideas, creative solutions or answers came to you?

Vibrant Living Take Away

If you find yourself stressed or having trouble coming up with a solution to a problem, take a few moments to daydream. You just may find that when you come back to “reality” you have the answer you have been looking for.


Until next time... Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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