What Is Inside Of You?

Monday is a holiday here in the United States. Memorial Day. I was just on a call with someone and said: “Have a great holiday. Whatever that means…”

When you look back on this time, how will you remember it?

Will you remember it as being stuck in the depth of winter?

Or will you see within you an invincible summer!

The COVID-19 virus has affected everyone. Worldwide.

Even though things are starting to open up, my Memorial Day will be very similar to most days. I won’t be having people over. I won’t be joining others in a park. I will be taking time off to rest and reflect, though.

How you choose to move forward each day is up to you.

I invite you to look inside and find an invincible summer.

Vibrant Living Tip

Here are 3 things to consider as we move through these times:

  • Building Spiritual Muscle – we build spiritual muscle the same way we build physical muscle. We pick up something that feels bigger than us and we learn that we are bigger than the thing we picked up. It gets easier. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t prefer things to be different. These are the times that can grow us, if we let them.
  • Taking the Long View – we must learn to hold our present circumstance in the context of a much bigger story. When we can hold what we’re going through in a larger perspective and take the long view, it gives us a perspective and an ability to be bigger than the thing we are facing. It’s OK to have a dark night, don’t let the dark night have you.
  • Being called to a higher ground – that in you which longs for more, is your divine essence seeking a greater, freer, fuller, more expanded expression through you. Just like inside an acorn is an oak tree. Not all acorns will become an oak tree. They all have the potential. That potential is in all of us too. The potential to become more. We are being called to a higher ground, greater experiences and expressions of who we are capable of being.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to see the world as you want it to be. A new world vision. An invincible summer!

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

P.S. Remember the Friday COVID Conversion workshops every Friday at noon.

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