Step Out!

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie



Going to the edge of the light, is going to the edge of your fear. At that point, you have a choice. You can step back (sit home and think about it) or you can step forward. Stepping forward allows you to see new possibilities. From there, you take the next step. Keep taking steps until you get to your dream. Actually, you will take steps past your dream. Because once you get close to your dream, you will have new insights for something even better still. The action steps never really stop. As long as you are alive, you want to keep moving forward. As long as your dream is the answer to the question – What Would I Love! That is the true test of whether or not to step forward and get busy. Another question to ask yourself – What is the answer to my longing and the anecdote to my discontent? This will also help define your dream.

What will you do with your fear today?

Here’s to following the light!


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