Step Into Your Genius

Before we continue with the last three superpowers, I want to summarize when happens with you learn to apply all six.

By leaning in and consciously using these six superpowers, you’ll find:

  • Stress, fear, doubt and worry rarely exist for you anymore – Things seem to just magically work out for you, and “perfect timing” and “good luck” always seem to be on your side.
  • Procrastination becomes a thing of the past – You’re able to accomplish more in less time and with greater ease, and you experience greater career success, time and money freedom, fulfillment and FUN!
  • You feel much more self-confident and comfortable in your own skin – You have the confidence to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. You also speak up for yourself and share yourself freely, and you’re open to others being their true, authentic selves with you.
  • You’re able to intuitively evaluate the people and opportunities you encounter with speed and accuracy – You easily move away from those that don’t serve your highest good, and toward those that elevate your heart, mind and spirit.
  • Your conversations and relationships become deeper, richer and more fulfilling – You magnetically attract heart-centered, success-minded people into your life. You connect with others more quickly and easily, and the relationships you already have grow deeper.

Now on to the last three…

Vibrant Business Tip


Most people think of memory in terms of recall. But would it surprise you to know that your memory actually works forwards and backwards? Most human beings are never trained in how to applying their forward memory can help support them in transforming their dreams into reality. But inside Into Your Genius, you will discover how to use your memory to “future pace” the results you want, so that you can then step into the life you dream of with unprecedented ease and speed.


There are two types of reason – ordinary reason, which is what most of us have been trained in, and extraordinary reason, which is what all highly successful people operate from. Inside Into Your Genius, you’ll learn how to apply extraordinary reason to build a life that’s based on the statement, “You become what you think about.” You’ll also learn how working smarter (and not harder) is the secret to accomplishing more in less time, and with fewer resources!


Whether you realize it or not, you are actively using your faculty of perception in every moment of every day. Most people perceive without awareness, and therefore experience life as a series of uphill battles. But by shifting your perception, you will unlock the power within you to turn even the most overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps on the path toward living a life you love.

Vibrant Business Takeaway

By properly tuning your awareness to the six extraordinary superpowers that you were born with – your Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception – you will connect to a deeper, more powerful part of yourself that you have likely sensed was there, but have never been able to fully embody and express.

Your confidence, health, relationships, career and all other aspects of your life will begin transforming at an astonishing rate as a result.

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Now is the time to step into your genius!

Until Next Time…

Dream Bravely
Act Boldly
Live Vibrantly



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