Self-Awareness Is A Superpower

During these times, you may find yourself feeling a little bit numb. A little bit confused. A little bit cranky. A little bit tired. A little bit when is this all going to end.

This can make things worse, if we don’t find ways to stay in touch with what is really important to us.

Now that we have investigated our superpowers (see last week’s blog -, let’s look at a superpower that is helpful to reveal right now.


I invite you to take a moment right now to notice. Notice your body. Do you feel any discomfort? Is there any tension? Are you relaxed? Now, notice how you are feeling. Do you feel tired? Energized? Happy? Does any of this change based on time of day? What you are doing? Watching? Just notice without judgement. Honor your rhythms. Once you are aware, you can make adjustments. You can be more present to situations and others. You can notice and choose how you will respond. If you are feeling stressed or fearful, stop and breathe. Just breathe for 60-90 seconds. How do you feel now?

Self-awareness can lead to other superpowers.

Vibrant Living Tip

Let’s look at just a few related superpowers –

Self-Care – This is critically important, especially now. If you are feeling stressed, it is easy to let this superpower slip. Eating. Sleeping. Exercise. These can all be put on the back burner. I invite you to get back in the swing by starting small, if you need to. Take the 7-minute self-care break. Do something every day to take care of yourself for 7 minutes. Start out small/reasonable. Be creative and fun with this.

Self-Compassion – There are times when we wouldn’t talk to a friend the way we talk to ourself. Self-compassion is essential. We want to pay attention to our pain and then step back and give ourselves what we would give to a child or a loved one. For those of us who are huggers, we may want to just give ourselves that friendly touch. Put your hand on your heart. Hold your own hand. Feel the connection like it was someone else.

Laughter – Laughter might not seem like a superpower at first. Look at the benefits of laughter. Laughter boosts the immune system, lowers stress hormones and can even decrease pain. These are the makings of a superpower. I have a video of my great-nephew when he was a baby doing this great belly laugh. Watching it always makes me laugh and I instantly feel better.

To me, these are what superpowers are all about. Something we can call on in any given moment to get back to who we are, our essence. And then extend that to how we treat others.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Feel free to borrow these superpowers or find ways to reveal you own. Leave a comment and share yours. You just might find me adding yours to my list…

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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