Play Full Out!

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

Napoleon Hill



When you read this, if you read it before 10/25, I will be in Dallas attending Dream Builder Live. An amazing event put on by Mary Morrissey three times a year. I attend as many as I can. At least 2 every year since 2013. One thing I always pledge is to play full out. Meaning I go beyond my comfort zone and receive the most I can. Doing small things in a great way is another way of playing full out. Think about your life. What does playing full out mean to you? Where are you not playing full out. What small things can you do that creates a full out adventure.

If you really want to play full out in life, attend my next Vision Workshop. Receive everything you need to start your new year in a great way and continue through 2017 by playing full out! Sunday 10/30 5-7pm at Unity Church. Parking in the rear. Enter through the front door.


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