Learn The AIRR Method

AIRR Method - Awareness, Interrupt, Release, and replace

Our paradigms are simply our habitual ways of thinking about who we are and what we believe we're capable of. They are a collection of thoughts & beliefs that generates a vibration.

Our thoughts ultimately determine our results.  Many of these thought habits, paradigms, we acquired before the age of 7 when we didn’t have a way to filter out what we heard or saw. It all went right into our subconscious where it turned into our programming. Our internal operating system so to speak.

When we bring a greater level of awareness to our thoughts, we have an opportunity to release and repattern, or reframe and replace, the thoughts that aren't serving us or that are standing in our way of creating the life we truly long for and desire.

We are the only species on earth that can consciously change our thoughts.

There are 4 steps that need to happen to actually change our thoughts and create new, more life giving, ways of thinking.

Follow this 4 step formula to change your thoughts and create new, more life giving, vibrant ways of thinking. The AIRR Method, like oxygen, can breathe new life into your thoughts and your life.

AIRR Method

Awareness - bring awareness to your current habitual ways of thinking. Notice the words you say to yourself and to others (your words are a window to your thoughts), for example you may hear yourself saying…

"I'll never be good with money".
"I'm an emotional eater."
"I'm better off alone."

Interrupt - Whenever you find yourself saying these words, use a powerful pattern interrupt.

Say -

"Up until now..." OR "I used to...."

Release - then release the old, negative way of thinking

Replace - replace it with a new, more empowering thought.

To put it all together…

I used to think I wasn't good with money, NOW I'm masterful at managing my money and I'm getting better everyday.

Up until now, I thought of myself as an emotional eater, NOW, when I experience difficult emotions, I give thanks for my ability to feel deeply and I practice self care with restorative yoga poses.

I used to think I was better off alone, NOW I realize that I have a lot of love to give, and I'm worthy of being deeply loved and am open to calling in the perfect life partner.

Changing your thoughts 1 degree will put you in a whole new place down the road.

I invite you to try it yourself.

Download the worksheet by clicking here.

Next time you find yourself going down the negative thinking rabbit hole, give it a try.

Until next time…

Dream bravely.
Act boldly.
Live vibrantly!

P.S. I would love to help you shift your paradigms. Click here for a complimentary session today.

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