“If you are not getting what you want, take a step back and analyze your intentions, which include your thoughts and emotions.”

Frank Mangano


Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to spend time talking about a six month program I coach called “Life Mastery.” In this program, we spend a whole month on each of 6 topics. This week, we will look at mastery in Intention.

Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.

When you shape your intention, the HOW is not your business, but the WHAT is your business.

Some of the most important work you will do is to take the time to describe the life you want to live. When you look upon the infinite possibility of your life, you get to choose. Ask yourself – what would I love? Not, what do I think I can do. In the absence of your choosing consciously what you want to create, you will choose unconsciously. You will live by default instead of design. Some people live 99 years. Others live 1 year 99 times. Which would you prefer.

We want learn how to focus our attention, which the Universe reads as our intention. So, when we say I have an intention to do something, to have something, to be something, but all our attention is focused on what’s wrong or why we can’t or if only this had never happened . . . you will find yourself circling around but never really experiencing forward movement.

Notice any limiting beliefs that may be trying to get in your way. Lose your fascination with the limiting story, and become fascinated with — place all your attention on — that which is seeking to emerge through you, through the power of your intention. Your vision of the life you would love.

Next week, we will look at mastery in Health.

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