Independence Day

“Oh what we could be if we stopped carrying the remains of who we were.”
Tyler Knott Gregson

This week was Independence Day, here in the US. If you celebrated the 4th, what did you do to celebrate your own independence. Freedom from the past. Freedom to live a better future. Every moment we are given a choice. Create by default (the past). Or create by design (what would you love). First, you have to notice.

Vibrant Living Tip– Everyday this week, notice what you are thinking. Are you thinking about the past. Or the future. If you are thinking about the past say: “That was then.” (sweep your hand around and behind you, like you are sweeping a bug away) and “This is now.” (chopping one hand into the flat palm of the other). If you are thinking about the future, is it a future you want to create. State what you would love to create. The last step, you got it. Take action. No matter how small. Ground your vision with action.

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Live Vibrantly!

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