Expectation – The Key That Ties It All Together

You have your Intention – your vision.

You’ve learned how to put your Attention on your Intention and reframe your thought habits (paradigms).

Now what?

Move forward in Expectation!

You have to expect your vision is real. It is done.

Become your vision!

If we use electricity as an analogy, when you turn on a light you expect light.

If the light doesn’t go on, we don’t pout and say: “Well, I guess I’m meant to stay in the dark the rest of my life.”

Yet we do with our vision. Many of us have no expectation. And that can keep it from becoming reality.

We’ve heard the phrase – fake it until you make it. I think that still sets a questionable expectation. I shifted that to Be it until you See it.

Expectation takes it deeper. It’s just plain See it!

Are you ready to take your vision to the next level?

Vibrant Living Tip

Become your vision with crystal clarity. With as much depth and color and tone. The fabric of the dream you’re holding.

As if there were a model of it right in front of you. Walk around it. See it from different angles.

This is my life!

Bring the feeling tone into the now. Feeling for and from. Emotionally charge this image, bringing a believing capacity, amplifying, magnetizing, setting it in motion.

This is who I am!

Become your vision. Take action from there.

I invite you to expect and live an extraordinary life!

Vibrant Living Take Away

Live from that place of becoming. This is who I am. I know what to do. And I do it.

Until next time... Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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