Do You Embrace Change?

resistance quote by Buddha

Why do we resist change?

There are many reasons…

Comfort in the familiar.

Fear of the unknown.

The way our brain is wired.

The truth is change is inevitable. We are always changing. The world is always changing.

When we embrace change, we can learn to be comfortable in the discomfort of the unfamiliar, take those scary steps, and actually rewire our brain.


Rewire our brain?

Vibrant Living Tip

Here are four steps you can start taking today to turn resistance into a vibrant, fun, fulfilling life you absolutely love living:

  1. Make a decision – We have been given the ability to choose. It all starts with a decision. Decide to change.
  2. Create a vision – Create a clear, detailed vision of the life you would love.
  3. Replace your limiting paradigms – Once you start this, everything unlike your vision will come to the surface to “protect” you. Your brain is designed to keep you safe. Replace those thoughts with thoughts that move you forward.
  4. Take action – Take steps toward your vision. Action sends a signal to the universe that you are serious. Resistance is reduced and become your vision. Consistent and repeated action rewires your brain.

Vibrant Living Take Away

At any given moment, we get to choose. Stay where we are. Or change for the better. I invite you to overcome your resistance and embrace change.

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

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