Are You Completely Happy With Yourself?

Quote by Richard Bach about the power in inside us.

When we live a life that is not in harmony with ourselves, we feel dis-ease.

When there is dis-ease in the emotional mental system, it patterns in the physical system. Our physical system shows what is going on in our internal system.

The goal is to feel good inside of your own skin and be completely happy with yourself.

Next month in my Life Mastery coaching program, we will focus on our Health and Well-Being.

We can be as financially abundant as we want, but if we don’t have peace of mind or a healthy body, we have not achieved true Full-Spectrum Wealth.

My videos for this month will focus on three areas to help create full-spectrum wealth…

Vibrant Living Tip

  1. How to align our mind to bring about well-being in our body. Staying positive is an important concept for this. You may have times when it is easy to stay positive. You get a raise. I friend pays for dinner. You lose 10 pounds. It may not be so easy to stay positive when things you are not expecting and may not want happens. Next week’s video we will look at ways to stay positive in those times.
  2. Now that we know ways to stay positive, we can apply that knowledge to find ways to nurture our bodies. Being bad to self, unhealthy habits can show up. Trust yourself to know what to do when. Know that it is OK to rest. Proper rest creates the energy to be more productive and accomplish more.
  3. In every area of learning, how to live a little in the stretch is a beautiful way to learn how to grow. How to develop, and how to become more of our authentic self. Yet when we do, we can feel like an imposter as we develop confidence. Imposter syndrome is a common reaction to stretching outside of our comfort zone.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Watch this month’s videos, starting next week. We are going to work towards an understanding of what it means to be more in alignment with the self where our true sense of well-being originates. And then how to live more in harmony with that. It is a practice of being in a healthy alignment with your authentic self.

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

P.S. Contact me to learn more about being in alignment with your authentic self through health and well-being. Click here for a complimentary session with me.

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