Are You A Manifestor?

picture and quote by Jack Boland “The results you want are not on the frequency of the conditions you’re looking at.”

The truth is you don’t get a choice about whether you are a manifestor.

You ARE a manifestor.

However, most of us manifest by default instead of design.

Everything is created twice.

First in our thoughts, then in our reality.

We all know this, yet we may not know the power of this.

This month we will focus on how to be a conscious manifestor. One who manifests by design.

Vibrant Living Tip

I want to talk to you about three habits that can keep you from manifesting by design:

Procrastination – The subtitle for the Decision chapter in “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is the “Mastery of Procrastination.” There is one sentence that mentions procrastination and then it is not mentioned again by name. The rest of the chapter talks about decision then action. This is the best way eliminate procrastination.

Over Thinking – Another issue for some is over thinking. Weighing all the options creates lack of decision. Pick one. Try it out. Progress over perfection.

Inaction – You have too much going on. You forget or you overbook and end up not doing it. Pick the top 2-3 things and schedule it. Put it in your calendar. Then do it.

These habits and manifestation are not on the same frequency. Make a decision and take action. You’re on your way to manifestation by design.

Vibrant Living Take Away

Now is the time to manifest what you would love. To quote Karen Lamb “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Until next time...

Dream Bravely.
Act Boldly.
Live Vibrantly!

Lynn Tranchell

P.S. I will be devoting the entire month of January to Manifestation. Contact me to find out how you can participate. Sign-up for a free Discovery Session by clicking here.

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