2 Things You Must Know About Habits

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

 Jim Rohn

It’s good to have habits. It’s also not so good to have habits. It’s all in how you use them…

Habits are good. Especially if they keep you going. Persistence. Or habits like saying please and thank you. Being grateful in all things. Keeping promises. Brushing your teeth. Setting goals. Listening.

Then there are habits that keep you stuck. Keep you on autopilot. Keep you from being creative. Keep you from thinking. I’ve always done it that way. You miss an opportunity because you are so focused on your way. Taking the same route to work every morning makes sense. You can get there before you had your morning coffee. It works great, until to go to a friend’s that shares part of that route and you miss the exit.

What habits can you break (stop doing) today, that will lead to more creativity. More engagement. More thinking. More aliveness.

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